Chicago Supports Bitcoin Mass Adoption With New BTC ATMs

Crypto adoption seems to be rallying these days with all the latest movements happening now in the crypto space.

There have been a lot of predictions starting even from last year claiming that after the bearish 2019, we’ll witness a more prolific 2019 in which mass adoption will hit us.

Now, Chicago seems to be completely supporting this movement. 30 new Bitcoin ATMs will launch across Chicago courtesy of Atlanta-based Lux Vending.

Chicago, the new crypto hub

Chicago might be on its way to becoming a great hub for crypto especially since the state has many crypto ATMs already. Chicago Business reported that there are over 200 BCT ATMs.

The new ATMs will not only accept Bitcoin but other significant digital assets as well such as ETH and more.

This means that the new ATMs will let users trade USD for BTC and more cryptos.

“A large degree of adoption of cryptocurrency is to a great extent driven by its ‘vibrant history’ with the financial industry, ” said Eric Gravengaard, CEO and co-founder, Athena Bitcoin. Gravengaard also owns three Bitcoin ATMs in the city.

Even during the bearish 2018, other achievements have happened.

Statistics coming from Crypto analytics firm Data Light stated that back in 2018 the number of crypto ATMs doubled and reached about 4,000.

Another important thing is that Coinbase opened an office in Chicago, so it’s probably not too far-fetched to say that the region is becoming the hot spot for cryptos.

Bitcoin adoption intensifies

Bitcoin (BTC) adoption has been reportedly intensifying lately, and 2019 has just begun. This is a great sign, and it comes to validate the 2018 predictions which were suggesting that we’ll probably witness mass adoption of Bitcoin and crypto this year.

There are a few catalysts that are triggering increased adoption of BTC, and we’ve listed the main ones in this past article.

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