Ripple Slams Accusations That They Paid For The XRP Listing On Coinbase: “We Did Not Give Them Anything”

As we’ve already reported, it seems that people won’t leave the Ripple community to celebrate their achievements in peace.

Coinbase Pro lists XRP

The week began in full force with a grand announcement coming from Coinbase.

Another one of the Ripple and XRP enthusiasts’ dreams comes true, and Coinbase Pro listed their favorite token on the platform.

Coinbase revealed that XRP would be listed on Coinbase Pro and this announcement brought a ton of excitement among the members of the community.

We’ve already reported that new info coming from blockchain research company Diar said that Ripple’s digital asset seems to be violating a listing rule implemented a while ago by Coinbase, even though XRP just got listed on Coinbase Pro.

Now, Ripple deals with even more accusations.

Ripple accused of paying for XRP listing on Coinbase

The Daily Hodl reported that in order to respond to more accusations, Ripple’s head of XRP markets Miguel Vias is going on the record to definitively state that Ripple didn’t pay Coinbase anything to list XRP.

“We’re happy to go on the record. Coinbase’s listing of XRP (also, not “our token”) was Coinbase’s independent decision – we did not give them anything to make it happen,” he posted.

Someone commented: “Miguel, Keeping it classy! The haters and doubters just don’t want to admit that #xrpthestandard is coming.”

Of course, haters also hopped in the comments sections with accusations involving centralization.

Someone asked: “If it’s not your token, then why do you own over 60% of it?”

The commenter received this answer from a person: “If I own 60% of all Pokemon cards does that make the whole franchise mine by default? Your logic is flawed, and I worry about the reality you live in.”

These accusations about paying Coinbase have been surfacing for more months now.

There’s a report from Bloomberg dating back in August 2018 that cited four anonymous sources“ with direct knowledge of the matter” who said Ripple has already tried to buy its way onto Coinbase and Gemini in the past.

Even back in 2017, there have been rumors claiming that Coinbase was gearing up to list the digital asset.

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