Bitcoin Prediction: BTC Could Hit $6,800 Soon

The past days have been exactly what crypto enthusiasts have been expecting for a really long time after such a bearish 2018 which led to the fall of BTC and also took a big part of the market cap.

The bulls have returned and they kicked BTC above the $5,000 level.

Some voices in the crypto space believe that the bulls are not done yet and e can expect another BTC surge soon.

We’re out of the crypto winter

Oracle Times reported that crypto analyst Omkar Godbole at CoinDesk has recently said that Bitcoin’s latest rally seems to have solidified BTC’s transition from a bear to a bull market.

In other words, we might be out of the crypto winter for good.

This is what Tron’s Justin Sun also said not too long ago, highlighting the fact that this year BTC has already hit bottom. He might have been right.

The Daily Hodl reported that Godbole stated that BTC looks overbought on the 14-day relative strength index, so prices “may have a tough time breaking above $5,200 in the near-term.”

Bullish BTC predictions – BTC to hit $6.800

The same online magazine mentioned above said that one of the most popular Twitter analysts noted that the bull run would keep going and he’s expecting a rising tide that will boost all altcoins at a really rapid pace.

“The Crypto Dog told his 120,000 followers he wouldn’t consider shorting BTC until it reaches a minimum of $5,400,” Oracle Times noted.

CNBC crypto bull Brian Kelly sees BTC reaching $6,000 as a target for short term.

The founder and CEO of crypto investment firm BKCM says he will call BTC overvalued when it hits $6,500 – $6,800.

“Sentiment has shifted here. All indications that we have – whether it be fundamentals, technicals, the quantitative analysis we do – all suggest that we probably have at least started to put in the bottoming process.”

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