XRP Adoption Surges: Pay For Utilities And Recharge Your Mobile Phone Instantly With XRP

The XRP Army of fans has a lot to celebrate as they’re seeing their favorite digital asset gaining more adoption.

First, a great achievement was the fact that XRP was integrated into WooCommerce which is a platform that powers about 3.3 million online websites.

Then, the fact that the coin got integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for making micro-payments was another huge achievement.

More than that, this whole hype made the XRP community eager to try and convince the Skype team that XRP should be integrated into Skype for micro-payments as well.

It seems that the Skype team has reportedly promised to analyze the matter.

ParisByDavid, an XRP enthusiast asked Skype to integrate XRP as a currency of choice for settling micro-transactions.

Uquid allows users to pay for goods and top their phone with XRP

Uquid is a startup that helps its customers to pay for goods and services with digital assets.

They had recently brought excitement into the Ripple and XRP communities when they announced that customers would have the ability to pay with XRP.

This is definitely one more step ahead towards the great goal of crypto mass adoption.

It’s important to note that XRP holders will not have to convert their favorite coins or fiat currencies in order to buy items or top up their phones, UToday reported.

It also seems that in more than 150 countries, instant mobile recharge with XRP will be possible as well.

The service will support 600 operators including Vodafone, AT&T and more.

More services will be available

Other services will reportedly be available in separate countries.

The online publications mentioned above noted that for instance residents of Indonesia would have the ability to pay for insurance and electricity with XRP.

This news is significant because at the moment there’s no other service that allows paying for utilities with the help of XRP.

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