Ripple’s Impact On XRP: What It Takes To Move From xCurrent To xRapid?

Ripple made some huge moves during the past days, and these drew attention on the project again, not that the company or its digital asset XRP have ever left the spotlight.

David Schwartz, Ripple’s chief technology officer, has recently announced that the XRP-based xRapid platform version 4.0 is now live, and the more than 200 Ripple’s partners already integrated the update.

The updated xRapid 4.0 runs on more than 200 banks and financial companies around the world.

“xRapid 4.0 is live. We’re working on getting all customers upgraded, but it’s a complex process. Multihop, xRapid support, much easier peering, and a much easier customer integration process are the major new features,” David Schwartz tweeted recently.

Ripple’s impact on XRP, analyzed by investors

Now, XRP investors and holders are analyzing the impact that the San Francisco-based company has on the digital asset.

The Daily Hodl reported that there’s a new post on Reddit in which a user has just asked what’s the reason for which so many Ripple clients are still using xCurrent cross-border solution instead of hopping on the xRapid wagon. You already know that xRapid is powered by the digital asset XRP.

Banks will need more time before switching between Ripple’s two products

Ripple’s global head of banking Marjan Delatinne revealed back in December the reasons why banks, in particular, will take longer to make the switch from xCurrent to xRapid.

“Just to make clear, no banking institution is using that [xRapid], because as you’ve probably heard about, the regulatory framework around the usage of digital assets is not very clear for banks. But payment service providers and some other financial institutions are less governed by these obligations.”

Reddit users also addressed some potential reasons for which Ripple clients are still not using xRapid instead of xCurrent and regulation, and the fact that xRapid is still a new product are among them.

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