Ripple Expects More Institutional Investors After Wall Street Veteran Gets On Board

Ripple and its digital asset XRP are not planning to stop their journey towards success. The two entities refuse to leave the spotlight, and they keep making headlines with various new partnerships and steps towards mainstream adoption.

Ripple has bagged a lot of new partnerships this year, and it also enjoyed enhanced adoption of its products.

XRP’s price expected to surge

Ripple enthusiasts and the XRP army of fans are still waiting for the digital asset XRP to finally mirror all these achievements that have been marked so far.

Meanwhile, we can see the coin rallying towards half a dollar. On CoinMarketCap, XRP is trading in the green, just like most digital assets today, and it’s priced at $0.460167.

As you can see, it already managed to surpass the $0.45 level, and experts believe that we can expect XRP to reach $0.5 soon.

Some bolder forecasts say that XRP will soon test $3.3 and they also note that now is the best time to invest in Ripple’s coin.

Ripple welcomes an important member on board

The Daily Hodl online publication has just reported that’s head of institutional sales and strategy is leaving the company and instead, is hopping on the Ripple wagon.

Breanne Madigan, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, told The Block she would continue her work to bring institutional investors into crypto.

“I am thrilled to confirm that I have joined Ripple to lead the Global Institutional Markets team. This is an exciting time to be joining the Ripple team, helping to foster mass adoption of digital assets and transforming global payments systems across the world.”

We cannot highlight enough the fact that more institutional investors mean a step closer to crypto mass adoption. The fact that the IRS also said a while ago that tax guidance for crypto is on its way will also turn out really helpful for achieving this goal.

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