Cryptocurrency becoming more popular in the sex industry

An organization that helps sex workers in Vancouver says that virtual currency is being used more and more frequently by workers and their clients because it ensures discretion.

An information workshop was organized in May in Vancouver by PACE to inform sex workers of the benefits of virtual currency, such as bitcoin, and to give them advice on how to use it as a tool. entrepreneur.

It is becoming more and more popular because it gives the worker confidentiality.

Kit Rothschild, Support Worker, PACE

“Eighty percent of sex workers work indoors: strippers, dominatrixes, masseuses, camera work (webcam) or the pornographic film industry,” says Kit Rothschild, Support Worker at PACE.

Many people in the industry have not come out and do not want their professions to be known.

Kit Rothschild, Support Worker, PACE

sex worker, who uses virtual currency herself in her business transactions, wanted to teach her peers to a workshop organized by PACE.

Having advanced technical knowledge, she tried to explain to others the virtual currency, its benefits, how to open an account, how to transfer money, how to use a cryptocurrency ATM and how to produce invoices.

She explained that it does not necessarily take official ID to open a cryptocurrency account and that it is therefore possible for workers to keep their identities secret.

But the computer and banking skills needed to use virtual currency are a barrier for some. Pace, with its workshop, hopes to have successfully lifted the veil on this practice.

PACE will soon be adding to its website a summary of tips for using cryptocurrency for sex workers.

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