EOS (EOS) Is A “Must-Hold” Cryptocurrency – EOS To Reach Above $30!

Although many crypto enthusiasts are still disappointed by EOS (EOS), this cryptocurrency and its blockchain are quite often in the center of attention. EOS blockchain aims to tackle or the issues of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a network on which, until not too long ago, EOS was operating. Now, as EOS aims to get completely decentralized, it could become one of the most potent crypto coins in the market. According to some sources, EOS (EOS) is a “must-hold” cryptocurrency as it can reach above $30 and, indeed, there’s nothing to stop it.

In fact, now that EOS runs on its MainNet it might experience the same bullish trending Ethereum (ETH) enjoyed in 2017 when the coin raised from about $10 in January to approximately $285 by the end of June.

EOS (EOS) is a “must-hold”

EOS (EOS) is predicted to follow the steps of the Ethereum (ETH) surge of 2017, as mentioned above. However, the EOS momentum is forecasted to come in a period when everybody talks about speculations and bubbles in the cryptocurrencies market. Nonetheless, some excellent news surrounded EOS (EOS) lately.

At first, the Chinese placed EOS blockchain on the first position in their top 10 most significant blockchain technologies in the world, surpassing blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEO. On the other hand, Block.one, the founder of EOS (EOS), wants to change the EOS constitution entirely to eliminate every controversy regarding it and the rumored centralization of the EOS blockchain.

Also, the Bitcoin (BTC) movements could also help EOS (EOS), indirectly, of course. As the Bitcoin (BTC) is continually growing, the cryptocurrencies market will follow the trending.

All these suggest a good future for EOS which is a “must-hold” cryptocurrency.

EOS (EOS) in the cryptocurrencies market

At the moment of this writing, EOS (EOS) is trading at $9.22 gaining about 3.7% in the last 24 hours and about 15% in the previous four days.

Regarding its market cap, EOS boasts one of approximately $8.3 billion which ensures the 5th position in the cryptocurrencies market for EOS (EOS).

These being said, EOS is on an ascendant path for some time now and as it looks like right now, there is nothing that would stop it to grow even more. And yes, EOS (EOS) might indeed reach above $30 by the end of the year.

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