NEM (XEM) Launched The Most Significant Blockchain Center In Asia

All the craze surrounding the cryptocurrencies is significantly beneficial for the blockchain technologies behind these digital assets. One excellent example in this regard is NEM (XEM) which launched the largest blockchain center in Asia.

NEM Malaysia inaugurated the most significant blockchain center in Asia and put aside about $120,000 for future blockchain-based projects. The center will be the headquarter where NEM itself can conceive or improve startups or businesses that need expertise regarding blockchain technologies, in general, and NEM (XEM) integration, in particular.

A blockchain center in Malaysia is indeed necessary

The Malaysian Reserve, a local business news publication, after a discussion with Stephen Chia from NEM (XEM), stated that, in Malaysia, the majority of the people are not aware of the blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies.

There are not enough understanding and (not enough) people who know how to use the technology to build up solutions for companies to solve some of the world’s problems.

Stephen Chia, NEM (XEM), via The Malaysian Reserve

Also, the Malaysians lack a proper education when it comes to blockchain technologies, mostly because this favorite subject for other countries is not well-covered in Malaysian schools, universities, or by private business education programs.

I think the mindset still remains the biggest challenge. For example, people may think it is complicated because of the buzzwords or more specific terms that are used. Today, more and more corporate companies are beginning to venture into this technology, simply because they have clients who request for it.

Stephen Chia

NEM (XEM) in the cryptocurrencies market

NEM (XEM) is currently on the 16th position in the cryptocurrencies market, scoring a market cap of about $1.75 billion and a trading volume of approximately $25.7 million in the last 24 hours.

NEM (XEM) had a good day in the market and, at the moment of this writing, XEM is trading at $0.194 recording a gain of about 1$ in the last 24 hours.

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