Top 5 AI-powered Cryptocurrency Projects You Should Keep an Eye On

AI is more and more popular in the world of technology, so it is no surprise that cryptocurrency has a sector dedicated to it as well. If you are looking for the best AI based cryptocurrency projects, we managed to come up with a list that contains the best ones.

  1. SingularityNET

Singularity is a great way of creating your very own AI services. Everyone can access AI algorithms and services. SingularityNET was used for Sophia as well. The global network is accessible for everyone and the projects has a reliable team.

  1. Peculium

This platform is powered by an AI machine and combines traditional economy and cryptocurrency. Peculium also uses Ethereum smart contracts as well as big data analytics. Since it combines classic economies and modern crypto, it manages to create a revolutionary product which removes all barriers.

  1. Matrix

Matrix is a project that merges AI technologies and blockchain. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency is able to handle incredible speeds and it also remains accessible for regular users. The security is also incredibly high and it offers protection against any kind of malicious attacks and hackers.

  1. Crypto Angel

Crypto Angel is supposed to work as a consultant that is able to anticipate human intentions. The projects aims to combine the experiences of millions of users. All this knowledge is combined in a “Mastermind” that uses various algorithms and machine learning.

  1. DateCoin

DateCoin handles user identification problems. DateCoin is backed by Denim, which is a dating service, and this is also a good way of making this project even more legit. DateCoin prevents unpleasant experiences such as being catfished or dealing with some bots. This happens by combining neural networks with AI. The dating service is improved with blockchain technology.

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