Ripple to Partner up with Big Names: What Will Happen Then?

Ripple has become the king of the cryptocurrencies. Ripple’s technology has become the basis of the banking technology. This means that any company which has an alliance with banking or money transfer will have its obvious advantages of having Ripple’s technology in its products. This is one of the main reasons why companies such as Santander has Ripple’s back-end technology.

There appeared different rumors about Ripple and some possible groups that can actually find the integration of Ripple’s technology as beneficial. Among those such groups, we can also find Google, Apple, and Amazon.

What will happen if these partnerships do happen?

When it comes to Apple, it’s certain that this partnership will offer Apple Pay as a way to transfer money. If we get the blockchain technology here, the payments will happen so much quicker, and they’d also be cheaper than they are now. Likewise, this partnership will show XRP as used as a real currency for Apple Pay payments.

Amazon will probably benefit from similar advantages, especially the Amazon Prime subscription. By getting the blockchain technology, Amazon Prime can improve a lot, and the payment across borders could speed up, too. XRP will be chosen as a payment option, and it will allow UK people to buy from USA people faster and cheaper.

The same thing will happen to Google. Even Google play and Android will have something to do with this, as they will add apps, such as Google Pay or any other service that was built by Google.

We all understand what these partnerships will mean if they become a thing, but the question is what impact is going to have on Ripple and XRP. If XRP will be a part of these alliances, its price will probably rise considerably, and we have no doubt about that.

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