Bitfinex And Market Synergy Partnership might Help Bitcoin (BTC) Go To The Moon

Bitfinex has unveiled a new deal that is expected to deliver a new surge of institutional investment in cryptocurrency via the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange platform. As reported by the Finance Magnates publication, Bitfinex has declared a merger with Market Synergy GmbH which works on a trading platform that permits institutions to trade in cryptocurrencies. This partnership might help Bitcoin (BTC) go to the Moon.

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange signed a deal with Market Synergy to attract more institutional investors

With this agreement, Bitfinex aims to bring a number of Market Synergy’s customers to the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, allowing for a higher level of institutional investors including banks and private equity firms. So in theory, this Bitfinex movement might result in a tremendous amount of fiat money flowing into the cryptocurrencies in the near future.

We are delighted to have been selected by Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest cryptographic currency exchanges, to manage its global connectivity. We have worked closely with Bitfinex to create a tailor-made network with connections to their digital asset portal for professional traders.

James Banister, Market Synergy CEO

How can Bitfinex partnership with Market Synergy help Bitcoin (BTC) go to the Moon?

Clearly, new investments will be made in the cryptocurrencies market via Bitfinex through the Market Synergy trading platform. This investments, however, will be made by institutional investors, so it can be expected that they will invest in great volumes (not only will they buy one Bitcoin at a time), through this, Bitcoin (and others) will experience an appreciation in prices.

For the Bitcoin (BTC) to reach once again to its all-time maximum, $20,000 and above, there should be lots of institutional investors to put money on the leading cryptocurrency in the market. It is quite improbable to witness that anytime soon, but it could happen eventually, and all that thanks to the new partnership between Bitfinex and Market Synergy, which might indeed help Bitcoin (BTC) go to the Moon.

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