Ripple (XRP) – Incoming SEC Decision?

Ripple has hit a controversial peak recently when several lawsuits began targeting Ripple for misrepresenting what XRP actually is. The controversy motivated Ripple to tweet an image which explains the difference between the two.

While the tweet aims to cool down agitated investors the pressure on Ripple becomes increasingly palpable. They strive to do as much as they can in order to avoid having XRP declared as security. They believe that if a clear separation line is drawn between Ripple as company and XRP  as the crypto, there will be little to no reason for the SEC to declare XRP  a security.

Most of the cases against Ripple also seem to be frivolous lawsuits, started b people with little to no legal knowledge. Most of them were started because the value of XRP declined and the litigants lost money.

All cryptocurrency investors seem to come up on the negative side. This is because while cryptocurrencies peaked in 2017, beginning with January 2018 they are on an on a negative trend. XRP  investors lost money together with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other currency affected by the crypto downfall. If XRP would have been the only cryptocurrency to drop value, Ripple Labs would have been guilty. But in the light of the current state, that is simply not true.

The controversies surrounding Ripple and XRP can prove to be beneficial for some individuals or entities. As long as Ripple Labs has to fight legal battles, the status of XRP  is diminished, and the price for it is very low. This may allow inspired speculators to make cheap investments that may be profitable in the long run.

Since their creation, cryptocurrencies have proven to be highly volatile, going to incredible peaks only to fall like Icarus in the dark waters.

Should you prefer something more physically backed-u, classic stock trading is always an option.

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