John McAfee Prepares For A New Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Market

John McAfee, the renowned cryptocurrency influencer and enthusiast, believes that a new Bitcoin (BTC) bull market will occur soon and will be comparable with the “eruption of Krakatoa.” Just a couple of days ago, Bitcoin (BTC) recorded the most significant spike in 2018, surging from about $6,700 to $7,400 in only a few hours.

Being well-known as a cryptocurrency bull, John McAfee comes out often to debate cryptocurrencies market and blockchain technology. In this case, McAfee said that a new Bitcoin (BTC) bull market is close.

Bitcoin – $1,000increase in one week. Is this the bull market? I have no clue. 10 such increases in succession and I will consider it Bull. In the meantime, know this: The Bull Market IS coming. And when it does, it will make the eruption of Krakatoa seem like a Meerkat’s burp.

John McAfee, on Twitter

A new Bitcoin (BTC) bull market is coming, says John McAfee

John McAfee commonly gives advice on which new ICOs to invest in and which cryptocurrencies to put money on. However, McAfee admitted many times that he’s a Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast.

The leading crypto of the cryptocurrencies market, the Bitcoin (BTC), now trades at about $7,400, recording a drop of about 0.21%. Currently, BTC marks a market cap of approximately $127 billion which is, at the moment, unbeatable.

Now, John McAfee stated that a Bitcoin (BTC) bull market would commence soon, but that’s not the first time McAfee made bullish statements regarding BTC. In an early report, he also said Bitcoin (BTC) would reach $1 million per coin by the end of 2020, which is a very bullish statement, and, at the moment, seems a very long shot.

But the new Bitcoin (BTC) surge of about $1,000 in just a few hours, might indeed show that the bearish sentiment surrounding cryptos since the beginning of 2018 might turn into a bullish run soon, especially for Bitcoin (BTC).

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