Crypto-fiat Pairs Trading Available on Cobinhood Without Fees

Aiming for a larger chunk of the market Cobinhood will introduce crypto-fiat pairs trading this Friday, as a part of its expansion strategy. Simultaneous transactions will be enabled for pairs consisting of BTC ( Bitcoin) ETH(Ethereum), Tether(USDT) and US dollars.

While Cobinhood claims that it cleared Level 3 KYC (know your client) requirements, the company didn’t clarify what is included in this level, or who offered the certificate for the company. The crypto-fiat service is offered by a partnership with the well-known Enterprise Epay.

According to the founder of Cobinhood, the opportunity is great for prospective investors who wish to avoid using a different platform for conversion from fiat to crypto and vice versa. This will speed up transactions, allowing more profit and increased asset liquidity.

Launched in 2017, Cobinhood offers pair trading for Cobinhood coin (COB), ETH, USDT and BTC. More than 60 varieties of cryptocurrency are available for single trade, among which we can highlight NEO(NEO), Ox(ZRX), Golem( GNT) and many more.

Cobinhood markets itself as a zero cost crypto currency exchange. Most trading companies tend to require a small sum in exchange for the offered services but one of the promoted advantages of Cobinhood is that you will never pay anything for using their services.

Another advantage is the fact that 24/7 online customer service is available to answer any question you may have about using the service. Specialists are only a click or a tap away, as you can reach them both fro the website and the highly convenient mobile app, and most problems are solved within a day.

The platform also has a well-planned infrastructure, preventing unexpected shutdowns that may occur on their platforms due to servers overloading.

A beta margin service was introduced last week, further consolidating the service. A decentralized blockchain trading platform was also launched in June.

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