Canadian CoinField Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform To Go International With moonGo Trading App

Canadian CoinField cryptocurrency exchange platform plans on going international thanks to its new partnership with Malta’s Manticore Ventures to develop the moonGO cryptos trading app.

According to the official statement, the moonGO app is a fast and trustworthy platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and exchange these assets into US Dollars or Euros, directly. The app would be internationally available and would allow users to spend their money wherever they want, either in physical shops which accepts credit cards or online.

Users could set up their trading accounts within one minute on the moonGO app and can withdraw the funds directly in US Dollars and Euros on moonGO cards. Consequently, the moonGO card could be used to purchase goods and services, either online or in physical retail shops.

“Our vision is to bring the cryptocurrency to people’s lives in the most convenient and simple way, and make it available to well-qualified traders in most countries worldwide,” explained CoinField CEO Babak Bob Ras.

Canadian CoinField cryptocurrency exchange platform goes internationally with the commission-free moonGO trading app

“While the users benefit from commission-free trading, they can also convert their digital assets to fiat at any time and spend it anywhere in the world through our moonGO cards. Everyone deserves to have access to blockchain technology. There are many people who want to be part of this revolution, but until now it was not easy for them to enter,” added Babak Bob Ras from the Canadian CoinField cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The moonGO trading app is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange application, as users can also link their moonGO card to Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Currently, the Canadian CoinField cryptocurrency exchange platform’s trading app, moonGO, is in the Phase One of its development and users can only register upon an “Early Access Invite.” You can sign up on

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