Canadian Crypto Mining “DMG Blockchain Solutions” Firm To Install An 85-MW Facility

The Canadian company DMG Blockchain Solutions has commissioned the construction of an 85-megawatt crypto mining expansion substation, as announced in an official declaration on July 26th. DMG’s crypto mining will be carried out on an industry-wide scale with the straightforward and direct assistance of local government and electrical power providers.

Canadian crypto mining DMG Blockchain Solutions firm would combine conventional mining with MaaS

DMG Blockchain Solutions is a cross-sector crypto and blockchain enterprise that operates and supplies Bitcoin (BTC) mining and hosting in conjunction with blockchain platforms deployment.

The flagship mining site is expected to be fully functional in September 2018 with 60 megawatts of power available to enable the crypto mining platforms and is slated to be one of the most significant mining installations in North America.

It states that the 85-megawatt substation will be linked to the electricity grid and will boost DMG’s hosting capacities by over 20 times.

The crypto mining installations and the electricity supply would be put at the disposal of the company’s Mining As A Service (MaaS) clients, as well as for DMG’s private purposes. Such a “hybrid approach” will undoubtedly allow the company to expand more rapidly by blending the capital needs and investor yields of the conventional crypto mining system with the low capital demands and consistent returns of the MaaS approach.

Canada is becoming the world’s leader in crypto mining thanks to its low electricity costs

As the provincial power company Hydro Quebec reports, the province of Quebec has an energy excess equal to 100 Terawatts/hour in the last ten years and provides one of the lowest electricity tariffs in North America.

Earlier in July, the Toronto-based crypto mining firm, Hut 8, unveiled it’s among the most potent Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies in the world, with a total throughput of 66.7 megawatts. Now, DMG Blockchain Solutions wants to come up with an 85-megawatt crypto mining expansion substation.

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