Tron (TRX) Will Overtake Ethereum (ETH) After TVM Launch, Says Justin Sun

A couple of days ago, the Tron Foundation reported the company’s latest launches and updates, providing both customers and fans with an insight into the future. Justin Sun, the co-founder of Tron (TRX), has declared that August 30th will be the day when the main network of the Tron Virtual Machine will complete.

Tron Foundation to update the Tron Virtual machine (TVM) in September

Justin Sun stated that this move should speed up the TRX network and increase its accessibility to Tron (TRX) customers in order to transform Tron into a cornerstone of the cryptocurrencies market. Justin added that the Tron Foundation would supply a sandbox to the Tronix to enable customers to perform new updates and modifications to the network.

The Tron Foundation announced that the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) would be updated in September. The firm has pledged that the upgrades should guarantee that the network will be “more stable, more secure, easier to use and operate with a fully optimized set of instructions.”

Tron (TRX) will overtake Ethereum (ETH) once the TVM is up and running

Tron (TRX) virtual machine crew released an upgrade package, claiming that the process to improve the network compiler has commenced. That is expected to make network operations and functions quicker, smoother and significantly more effective.

The Tron Foundation affirmed that the release of the Tron Virtual Machine would permit Tron (TRX) to overtake Ethereum (ETH) regarding daily transactions, making it the most potent public blockchain in the entire world.

The Tron Foundation’s IT team has also disclosed that a great number of new DApp releases are in process. These include the development toolkit such as Tron Web, Tron Link, Tron Scan, Tron Ganache and Tron Remix, engine utilities such as Coco2d, Unity 3d, Laya, Egret, and SDK, as well as third-party tools including the Loom network.

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