KRATOS (TOS) ICO For A Blockchain-Based Commodities Trading Platform

KRATOS is a blockchain-based commodities trading platform that aims to move the global commodities trading to its proprietary ecosystem, in order to improve the trading process of such assets and make it more secure.

About Kratos platform

As there are several difficulties regarding commodities trading, including third-parties, manual certification, insufficient trust, and bureaucracy among others, that cause considerable lag in the whole process, the KRATOS platform employs Ethereum-based blockchain technology and smart contracts to tackle the before-mentioned challenges.

Accordingly, the KRATOS distributed commodities trading platform aims to provide higher transparency, improved competence, and a faster and more secure trading process.

Also, KRATOS platform has a real-world usage as it could help SMEs get straight to the top traders, thanks to the platform’s white list of successful trades.

On the other hand, the blockchain-based commodities trading system would also provide end-to-end solutions and replace the costly paper-based system that characterizes the commodities trading market with smart contracts.


KRATOS (TOS) crypto token is based on Ethereum ERC-20 standard. During the KRATOS (TOS) ICO, 1000 TOS tokens would worth 1 ETH.

Currently, the pre-sale of the KRATOS (TOS) ICO is up and running, and every person who will join now would get a 15% discount. Also, the pre-sale has a little over 15 days before it ends, so if you want to take part in it, now is the best moment to do that.

Out of a total amount of 300 million TOS tokens, only 165 million would be available during the pre-ICO and the ICO crowdsale stages, with 80 million in the former one and 85 million in the latter.

The KRATOS decentralized commodities trading platform appears to be an auspicious one and aims to address all the short-comings the actual system for commodities trading has, including bureaucracy and insufficient trust. For more details regarding the project or to join the KRATOS (TOS) ICO pre-sale phase, check on

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