VeChain (VET) Founder, Sunny Lu, Discussed Latest VeChain Achievements And Future Projects

Sunny Lu, the founder of the VeChain (VET) cryptocurrency, the 18th largest one by market capitalization, presented his thoughts on the future of VeChain blockchain in a live chat presented on Youtube.

Sunny Lu discussed the latest VeChain (VET) achievements

Mr. Lu complimented the VeChain community, highlighting that it is one of the finest and grandest examples of a crypto community. He mentioned the expansion of the X-node binding window as one of the significant steps that the team made as a result of the community’s contributions.

In accordance with the VeChain Foundation’s 15 billion VET tokens prize fund, as the Thunder, Mjolnir and Strength nodes are followed for deployment, the general X-Node will restart. Also, Sunny Lu added that everything is on schedule regarding the VeChain MainNet, as about 90% of VEN transformed into VET.

While the platform arrives at the mark of over 100,000 trx, the blockchain shows that adoption is on the way for VeChain Thor. But even with that rating they are still around 1.5 transactions per second and will need a lot more to rival existing centralized payment solutions.

The VeVID system that enables users to authenticate their identity was also mentioned by Sunny Lu, as well as the VeChainThor mobile wallet.

VeChain and OceanEx

In a previous EWN article, John P. Njui explained about OceanEx. Accordingly, OceanEx is a cryptocurrency trading platform with AI technology embedded in the VeChain Thor blockchain.

The trading system leverages Artificial Intelligence technologies to deliver an intensely secure and highly liquid cryptocurrency trading environment, complete quantified trading abilities, and a robust suite of investment instruments and tools to satisfy a wide range of trading strategies for all investors.

The project is now in the whitelisting stage for those who wish to join the VeChain Community Round. The required minimum VET for participation on the project is now 50,000 VET.

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