Ripple Speeds Up Network Expansion and XRP (XRP) Adoption Signaling Price May Soar

Following a few months of inactivity for XRP (XRP), the token eventually rallied around 7% last week. While technically the currency had been in a range-bound area for a while, mainly, the XRP and Ripple team have struggled to put in all the necessary catalysts that would contribute to XRP’s forthcoming bull-run.

Ripple speeds up XRP (XRP) adoption and global reach

XRP (XRP) adoption has been quite successful in the payments and financial industry, as it is a seamless bridge between the mainstream world of centralized banking services and the high-tech decentralized new age corporations.

Ripple was able to deliver the appropriate products that suited the mainstream financial system by providing blockchain benefits including speed and cost-effectiveness. Ripple’s products cover numerous applications used extensively on its network, such as social media applications, peer-to-peer payment solutions and, most recently, the seamless implementation of web monetization.

Ripple’s xRapid has also proven itself as a breakthrough and has long been prognosticated as the next generation of cross-border payments solution for banks, remittance companies, major corporations, and individuals.

This high XRP (XRP) adoption rate has made Ripple’s XRP one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for traders and crypto exchanges.

Ripple’s xCurrent delivers Blockchain’s advantages to SMEs

Ripple launched the xCurrent tool for the SME industry through a video showcasing how the use of xCurrent could ease the shortcomings that the SME market has been confronted with for over 30 years.

The video outlines how the Accounts Payable (A/P) department of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is now taking up much of their time and at the same time adds up substantial costs to pay vendors and suppliers in other jurisdictions. Thus, Ripple’s xCurrent tackles this problem, along with the so-called No Data Attached, Low Transparency, and No Traceability issues of the SMEs sector.

The speed and intensity of XRP (XRP) adoption and growth are far superior to any other cryptocurrency, and Ripple is the only crypto-related company to emerge into the real-world enterprise applications that tackle the most inherent business challenges of the past few decades.

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