Pitching a Crypto Token Sale – Marketing an ICO

There are a lot of areas of an investment existing right now all across the globe, but there are none that can offer as much polarization in terms of people’s opinion as a cryptocurrency. Although there are many companies which became possible thanks to ICOs, there are also scammers who look to cheat people for all their investment’s worth.

Here are some key factors which resulted from working with successful blockchain clients and they can really lead to a successful ICO pitch.

  1. You need to have a real problem to solve

There is an old analogy that talks about a man with a hammer and how everything looked like a nail to him. It applies to a lot of companies, multinationals or startups that approach blockchain technology with the sole purpose of solving problems, even if they are not really there.

ICO and its various aspects must allow the potential buyer to see clearly what you are going to solve, and that the problem is real and affecting the world. If you manage to convince people that you are using blockchain in order to take care of a visible problem, then a connection is for sure established.

  1. Be confident of your token economics knowledge

Investments in tokens are gathered through showing appreciation over time to potentials investors. If you manage to showcase the full life-cycle of your tokens, from creation to utility and how you plan to improve their value, then you are good.

Make sure to provide a function for your tokens within the ecosystem and allow their holder to use them within the platform and in return, you will gain access to certain goods and services.

  1. Be proud of your team

Last but not least, you need to have a unique concept, solution or idea but without a team which will allow it to succeed, it is all for naught. Ask yourself these questions and if you find proper answers, you are good.

  • What are the technical strengths of my team?
  • Are their experiences relevant to the blockchain solution in development?
  • Do the members have any notable achievements or associations?

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