Coinbase Launched Coinbase Learn, A New Educational Section for Beginners in Cryptocurrencies

Just one day after announcing that it would change the regulations for listing new cryptocurrencies, Coinbase launched an educational section on its website and a tracking page of the 50 most-capitalized cryptocurrencies in the market.

The publication entitled “Helping People Understand, Explore and Buy Crypto Coins,” published through Coinbase’s official blog, explains that from now on they will make a series of updates including Coinbase Learn, Coinbase Bundle and a page with information on the crypto market.

Coinbase Learn is the name of the section of its website that presents the basics of cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Learn aims to teach beginners in the cryptocurrency trading the concepts for entering into this emerging market and the blockchain technology. According to the blog post, the section, composed of questions and answers, is based on market research and was made to help people make decisions with confidence regarding the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, the page with information on the market of crypto coins presents two lists, one that includes only the crypto coins currently available on Coinbase and another listing with the remaining 45 cryptocurrencies with higher market capitalization. In this page, they present the price, the trend in the last 24 hours, the capitalization in the market, and a graph of the historical behavior of each one of those crypto assets.

“Only 3% of people can name four or more cryptocurrencies. We want to make sure that everyone learns to think beyond “Bitcoin” by building their portfolio of crypto coins. That’s why we’re launching asset information pages for the top 50 cryptocurrencies, based on market capitalization,” stated Coinbase.

Coinbase also launched Coinbase Bundle

In turn, at the end of the list of the crypto coins offered on Coinbase, Coinbase Bundle is presented with a new investment option that they offer starting from $25 and which, they explain, is “a market-weighted selection of the five crypto coins available to buy and sell in Coinbase.”

Yesterday, Coinbase announced that it had modified its policies to list cryptos to streamline the process and at the same time ensure that the selected assets complied with both company standards and local regulations. According to this, they explained that “today’s announcement is the first step in that direction and we will continue to add more resources in the future.”

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