PlasmaPay Cryptocurrency Payment System Is Now Available To All Users

Estonia-based PlasmaPay, which in July 2018 asked users to conduct a beta test on its apps, has now released its new cryptocurrency payment system after more than three months of intensive testing.

Ilya Maksimenka, the CEO and founder of PlasmaPay, highlighted that the new cryptocurrency payment system would be of increased interest for Asian countries, especially for Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, but also for several nations across South America, Nigeria, and some crypto-friendly European states, such as Germany.

For the moment, PlasmaPay cryptocurrency payment system supports 20 languages, a user-friendly interface, and, besides, it’s connecting users from all continents connect to the network straightforwardly.

“We have created a truly unique payment system that meets all modern requirements imposed by users. Easy, convenient and intuitive interface, high security and the most popular options are now available to everyone in their own language,” stated Ilya Maksimenka, CEO and founder of PlasmaPay cryptocurrency payment system.

PlasmaPay New Cryptocurrency Payment System Is Now Available Worldwide

Crypto holders can conduct cryptocurrency transfers with PlasmaPay by simply creating an account and a crypto wallet within the system. The PlasmaPay’s wallets can be quickly replenished using fiat money cards, thanks to the platform’s partnership with Simplex.

At the moment, PlasmaPay wallets support only four cryptocurrencies, namely, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dash (DASH), but the company promised it would soon add more cryptos to this list. As reported by PlasmaPay CEO, the cryptocurrency payment system would also allow for fiat money transactions soon.

“By the end of 2019, we plan to introduce cryptocurrency and fiat processing for internet businesses, to launch a card project, a pilot project with a bank in the EU, to launch a service with international money transfers for individual jurisdictions. In 2019, the project will begin a wide expansion to all countries of the EU and Asia,” highlighted Ilya Maksimenka.

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