Binance Coin (BNB) Can Be Used To Purchase Real Estate Via Propy Global Marketplace

Propy real estate company announced that it starts accepting Binance Coin (BNB) from now on for home purchases. Before this, the company used to accept only USD, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Binance is the most popular crypto exchange all over the world and with the addition of BNB the company is looking to solidify its coin as a staple in the top 20 market cap.

The coin managed to surpass NEO and Ethereum Classic just recently and it’s currently positioned at the 14th place with a market cap of a little over $1 billion.

Propy says that the company is basically the first global multi-language real estate marketplace. It allows cross-border payments for blockchain-powered and secured real estate transactions all over the world.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reacted to the news on Twitter, saying “Wow, thanks!” to Propy’s announcement:

“Propy will accept BNB for home buying! @Binance Chain is coming and $BNB, which is a great store of value today, will turn into programmable money. For the rapidly growing BNB community, we make it possible to invest in real estate with easy paperwork at Propy!”

Fastest coins on Binance

Speaking of Binance, if you are a user of the crypto exchange or simply a crypto enthusiast and you want to know which coins that are listed on the Binance crypto exchange platform as faster, we have the answer right here.

More than that, Oracle Times notes that “This is also a highly significant feature for the execution of smart contracts and for traders who are looking to move their crypto from one exchange to another in the most efficient way.”

Bitcoin Kit reports that Nano is currently the fastest crypto that is listed on the crypto exchange platform. Next coins that follow are Stellar Lumens, ICON, Skycoin, XRP, and EOS.

Anyway, if you have millions in crypto, it’s time for house shopping.

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