Best Innovative Experience Cases For Your Customers When They Need Assistance

Customer service is an important area in every business. Nowadays, more and more companies are willing to use innovative tools for offering their users a professional experience every time they need assistance.

Almost 89% of the existing companies have adapted their infrastructure and now they are ready to compete for the ”customer experience of the year” title. If you still haven’t made any change in the CX (consumer experience) department, it’s time you should. In order to help you, we will present some tricks that will turn your assistance service into a great one.

How to lose the IVR music

According to a survey made by Accenture, when customers are on hold, they get really frustrated. The last thing they want to hear is that boring music. Since the situation has been identified in 84% of consumers who use the assistance service, something had to be done for fixing this inconvenient.

When they are on an IVR queue and waiting on a smartphone, customers can receive an SMS with a link which guides them to the right answer. Also, they can be directed towards self-service and finding the answer to their problem themselves.

The best feature is that, even while using the self-service, customers keep their place in the queue. IVR music haters will love this, especially if they still need to talk to an agent after completing the automatic process.

A good contact centre infrastructure can prevent customers from returning products

No business owner is happy when consumers return a product. Of course, they will inspect and replace the product for free, if this is the case. However, many items were returned because call centre agents weren’t able to solve customers’ issues if they called for assistance.

Since agents couldn’t guide the consumer through setting up or using an item, many products got returned as faulty. The AI is a solution for this problem. You can use it to remotely troubleshoot the issues and accompany the user on the way to finding a solution. As a result, you can reduce the return rate.

Artificial Intelligence can help you save time and money by lowering the “truck roll” rate

Money has to be spent every time a company sends technicians on the field for fixing a problem. This happens when the contact centre cannot solve a customer’s problem. Like we mentioned before, the AI can help your support team solve the issues remotely.

The knowledge tool is helpful even when field visits (also called truck rolls) are inevitable. They help technicians by recommending them possible solutions, so that they could fix the problem within the first visit. This means that the FVR (First Visit Resolution) is improved as well.

The AI can get you the best performance on all CX channels

Just when you hear this name you realize that you are close to using one of mankind’s most amazing creations – Artificial Intelligence. With its help, you can improve the communication with your customers and troubleshoot their issues even remotely.

Companies which use AI for consumer interaction and problem solving increased their success rate fast. You will need to make some investments if you want to start using Artificial Intelligence tools, but it will be worth it.

Health insurers use digital collaboration as well

Digital interaction and support is used in many industries, not just the IT business. Even health insurers use it. Ever since ACA (the Affordable Care Act) was introduced, companies have started to move their work online.

eGain helps insurers and customers virtually interact, compare plans, talk about them, fill the application forms online and more. People spend a lot of time online these days, so it’s in the company’s best interest to act like this.

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