Tronscan DEX Is Riding The Wave And Tron Is “Hungry” For New Projects, Says Justin Sun

The Tron community is one of the most excited and active in the crypto space, and Justin Sun is probably the most impressive promoter of his project.

The activity on the Decentralized Exchange has just been noted by Sun as “going crazy,” and the project’s CEO also asked the crypto community to bring new projects and tokens on the platform. Here’s what he tweeted.

Tron coins enjoy massive gains on the DEX

If we take a look at the trading activity on the DEX, we see that the tokens have doubled since November 10th.

There are six available coins at the moment.

The trading pairs on the exchange have been listed below together with their gains in the last 24 hours as reported by Ethereum World News.

  • Dice/TRX – 146% increment
  • TronWatchMarket/TRX – 8.27% increment
  • CryptoChain/TRX – 0.33% decrement in value
  • WIN/TRX – 89% in gains
  • SEED/TRX – 1.73% increment
  • CryptoGuyInZA/TRX – 0.99% drop in value

More projects and tokens are expected

Sun asked for more projects and tokens to be built on the platform in order to facilitate more tokens for trading.

The Tron network can operate 2,000 transactions per second and they recently broke the record when hitting 1million transactions is a day.

Tron doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either.

Tron penetrates new markets

In other news, TRX gets listed on another exchange, and this time it’s London-based Indacoin. The exchange will provide users with five fiat trading pairs for TRX.

Indacoins will provide users with TRX-to-fiat pairs: USD (United States), RUB (Russia), GBP (Britain), EUR (EU), and AUD (Australia).

Before this latest listing on Indacoin, TRX was not too popular in large markets such as Australia and Russia.

Now, everything’s about to change after the new AUD and RUB fiat pairs allow Tron’s token to penetrate these large markets as well.

Tron continues its developments and achievements with lightspeed, and the community could not be more excited these days after all the massive achievements.

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