IOTA Enjoys More Real-World Use Cases With Two New Partnerships: CarVertical And Bosch

IOTA the IoT crypto managed to gain a lot of great deals this year, with important partnerships such as the one with Volkswagen, High Mobility, Iampass and more. Now, IOTA will be working with Bosch and carVertical.

Bosch will use IOTA for IoT Data Collection

The first integration is with Bosch, the engineering and electronics giant which builds automotive components and industrial products.

Bosch highlighted in a recent post a new device connectivity method which is compatible with IOTA.

“The use of the innovative IOTA Tangle technology results in higher scalability and becomes faster and even more secure the more activity there is. It is, therefore, a serious transaction settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things,” read the blog post. Bosh also revealed the news on Twitter.

They believe in IOTA’s goals which involve ensuring data validity via IoT. Bosch also believes that by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion interconnected devices and each of them will be generating substantial amounts of data.

carVertical reveals Automatic Paid Parking App that uses IOTA

Another achievement is that IOTA will be used in the real world with carVertical (CV) which is a data-driven company as well.

CV is focused on the market of connected vehicles, and they plan to collect and provide data regarding the vehicles’ history, registration, vehicle details, and more.

They can collect massive amounts of data for their immutable car registry. IOTA will be integrating with the platform via an automatic car parking app called carVertical.CITY.

The app works like this: as soon as the driver parks their car in a paid parking zone, the app counts the parked status time and when the driver divers away the timer stops.

The data will be processed in real-time to the IOTA Tangle, and the changes are stored as IOTA transactions.

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