Non-Fungible Ethereum Tokens Are On Their Way To The PlayStation 4

Video game publisher Arcade Distillery develops games that are integrating Ethereum non-fungible tokens (NFTs) starting with Plague Hunters. These will be available on the PlayStation 4.

There’s a brand new branch of Arcade Distillery called the Blockchain Distillery which has been launched in order to integrate NFTs into more games in the future.

Benefits for gamers

NFTs will offer gamers full ownership of in-game collectibles such as weapons, armor, power-ups, all of them via a private key for each collectible controlled by the player.

More than that, NFTs are cryptographically secure, and this means that hacking will be prevented.

The only viable way in which you can gain ownership of in-game collectibles linked to an NFT is to obtain the private key that we mentioned.

This is different compared to the non-blockchain games where in0game collectibles of the same type are fungible, meaning that they are also less secure.

Let’s say that someone’s account gets hacked. This means that all of the collectibles can easily be drained out and because of their fungibility, there’s no way to distinguish and recover them at some point.

NFTs are also useful if you lose account access due to PS4 crashing or the game platform being hit by a system failure. NFTs are stored in the Ethereum blockchain, and they’re independent of the game platform.

Trading in-game collectibles

Using NFTs allows gamers to trade in-game collectibles. More than that, fiat currency and crypt can be used to buy NFTs from other players.

CrypotoKitties is a game that’s using NFTs. This game sued to be highly popular and the collectibles were being exchanged peer to peer for Ethereum.

This tech that the Blockchain Distillery is creating could be implemented across more popular games, and this way a brand new innovative mechanism for gamers to earn cash via the exchange of NFTs would be created.

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