Fusion Reveals The Upcoming Launch Of Payable Staged Network Set For December

Fusion announced the upcoming launch of its Payable Stage Network (PSN). The official announcement explains that “The PSN will allow our community of early adopters to see how Fusion technology solves the challenge of interoperability by enabling cross-border, cross-ledger, and cross-asset transactions on a secure, globally accessible platform.”

The official post on Medium explains that the event will be opening the door to multiple innovative opportunities and this approach is a way to test the network before migrating to a more secure and powerful mainnet.

Users can earn FSN ERC-20 token rewards for taking part in PSN Testing

Fusion developed a unique system for PSN participants, and in the sandbox, the PSN tokens (P-FSN) will be used as a utility to test functionalities such as time-locking, swapping, transactions and more.

You can read the complete key callouts on the official Medium announcement where the team also makes sure to explain all the necessary steps required to take part in the PSN Testing.

Fusion has four main goals for the PSN

The first goal is to validate the platform. The team wants the world to see and also test the way in which Fusion tech can support the interaction of trillions of dollars in asset value in the most secure way.

The second goal is to test features and functionality, and by taking part in the PSN, the community will be able to explore everything.

Their third goal is to prove the utility of the FSN token, and by all the actions available, participants will validate the token’s utility and of the Fusion Network as well.

And finally, the fourth goal is to validate the security of the Fusion platform for the token swap.

You can read the complete details on the features and the functionality that will be exposed on the PSN on Medium as well.

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