Best Apps for Wise Bitcoin Trading and Investments

The world of cryptocurrency has evolved a lot during the last years. Even if at the beginning of 2018 things weren’t looking so good for Bitcoin, the tendency changed throughout 2018. Now, we can say that virtual coins made some lucky people millionaires.

Of course, there are some risks when you operate with cryptocurrency, but the growing tendency turned Bitcoin trading into a profitable business. If you feel courageous enough, you can start investing your money in this sector. Besides, nowadays you can get unexpected help from some amazing apps.

Your mobile device can become a Bitcoin operations broker

Bitcoin investors already know that this cryptocurrency is an open and interactive income source. For this reason, owners can use wallet apps for buying and selling their virtual coins, but it’s easier to make a profit when these apps are functioning on your mobile device. The tools we will mention are suitable for both Android and iOS users.

  1. BlockFolio – this app can hold over 1600 cryptocurrencies in the same place. It notifies the user when a virtual coin reaches the profitable threshold;
  2. BlockChain – it is one of the most secure apps. It keeps all unauthorized access away from your wallet. Its interface allows the user to receive or transfer funds online. Besides, over 1000 businesses agree to receive payments from the BlockChain wallet;
  3. Coinbase – the app can be used for buying and saving LiteCoin, Etherium and Bitcoin. In addition, you can use it to transfer funds in other users’ wallets;
  4. AirBitz – the open-source app turns your mobile phone into a platform for buying and selling Bitcoins;
  5. MyCelium – this is the most user-friendly and secure app you can find in Google Play or App store;
  6. ZebPay – can be used for buying and selling Bitcoins in India. It allows the user to use a debit or credit card for transactions.

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