ASUS Teams Up With QuantumCloud To Provide Zero-Effort GPU Mining For Gamers

Asus giant computer hardware manufacturer just teamed up with startup software firm QuantumCloud to deliver easy-to-use graphics processing unit mining interface for Asus graphics cards.

Rejecting centralized ASIC mining

QuantumCloud produces software that lets GPUs automatically mine appropriate cryptos while the expensive chips are just sitting idle.

Many cryptos are cultivating communities of GPU miners while at the same time they’re rejecting centralized application-specific integrated-circuit ASIC mining. This is used in BTC mining.

The venture mentioned above targets computer gamers rather than crypto enthusiasts because the first ones are usually buying graphics cards for the initial desire to perform immense calculations that are demanded by most modern games.

The software is available to download for free, but still, the Asus’ partnership takes things a bit further. The companies are hoping to open new doors and take more market share of the flagging GPU market.

GPU mining

QuantumCloud believes that the model GTX1070 which is a great chipset could be able to earn $10 per month which is less than a savvier speculative miner could get from the very same kit.

All of the hard work of mining is done by QuantumCloud. They even have their very own digital currency called Quantum Dots in order to keep track of the mining power that’s provided by the network.

Rewards can be paid out on a daily basis via PayPal and WeChat.

GPU sales have tanked during the past months, and for instance, towards the beginning of the year miners have bought so much stock and driven up GPU prices so much that gamers have been priced out of the market.

Asus already has one critic in PC Gamer, who commented that “Simplifying the business of mining digital currencies […] and tapping into spare GPU cycles would be great ideas…if this was 2017.”

We’ll just have to wait and see whether Asus succeeds in its plans.

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