Safest Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2019 for Android and iOS Devices

Cryptocurrency is one of the most common investments nowadays. More and more people are willing to juggle with virtual coins, so this area is expanding every day. The more successful you become in maneuvering your crypto, the more you need a wallet for storing your coins.

After analysing all the wallets available on the crypto market, experts have reached the conclusion that mobile wallets are the most convenient option. They give users the opportunity to access their funds right on the go. Once the mobile wallet is downloaded and installed, the owner can manage his/her virtual coins anytime, anywhere.

You can have a cryptocurrency wallet on your phone regardless of the system you’re using

If you want to store your virtual coins in a mobile wallet, you should know that there are several options for every OS – Android and iOS. Next we will mention some of the most popular options.

Electrum Wallet – this is one of the best and most secure wallets from the market. It was established in 2012, but since then it received the best reviews, because it’s easy to use and works fast. Wallet – this app is dedicated to beginners because it’s one of the most user-friendly options. The user doesn’t even need an account for using Besides, the app has a lot to offer, even for experienced users: offline payments, QR-code scanning and more.

Coinomi Wallet – this is another popular choice that works with Android and iOS. This wallet is so popular because it can support over 350 cryptocurrencies and 150 blockchain-based projects at once. This option is more suitable for investors with a diversified portfolio. Its versatility will bring this wallet on Win, Linux and Mac operating systems until the end of 2018.

Other wallets which can be used for cryptocurrency are Jaxx, Edge or Mycelium. Learn more about them and decide which can work for you!

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