IOTA Introduces A Bimodal Structure And Develops A New Omega Team To Focus On Long-Term Goals

The IOTA Foundation just announced that they are launching a new team. This happened while they were addressing balancing innovation with standardization and operationalization. The new unit will be named Omega, and it will focus on the long-term goals that the organization has.

Blokt writes that IOTA is inspired by the enraging trend of bitmodal IT in the traditional industry which is spitting a department in two. One dept. will look after the support and maintenance of the existing system and the second one will be focusing on innovation and expansion as well.

“As the entire IOTA Foundation is tasked with ongoing innovation, we must approach this problem in a slightly different way,” IOTA writes.

Introducing a bimodal structure in the Foundation

They have introduced a new bimodal structure, and now they have two teams that are called Alpha and Omega. The Alpha team will remain dedicated to the current cloud services, and the Omega team will be focusing on the Internet of Things vision of the IOTA Foundation.

They will be working on fog services and edge computing. There’s a majority of the projects within IOTA such as entangled, libs, IRI, MAM, Trinity and the coordicide project which will become part of the Alpha team.

Long-term goals

The Omega team will focus on the long-term projects/goals which are related to the final version of IOTA.

“It will include five important workstreams. ICT, an IOTA-controlled agent that performs services built atop the IOTA network and Qubic that underpins IOTA’s answer for quorum-based computations will be a part of this team,” Blokt writes.

The IXI interface aims to extend the functionality of the IOTA protocol in a modular way. It’s also interesting to point out that the Omega team will work in a garage style where every member will choose their work. Work will generally be isolated and spilt into smaller pieces to that the codes can be uploaded on GitHub as quickly as possible.

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