Opera Browser: Version 49.2.2361.134358: It Comes With A Crypto-Wallet

We’ve all heard of Opera and how it’s a very safe and fast browser, that comes with a built-in ad blocker, rebooted news feed, and data savings mode. Well, you’ll be pleased to find that it now has a built-in Crypto Wallet.

What are its features?

You can block ads

The built-in ad blockers help you in getting rid of all the ads that annoy you. It will also load your pages faster to give you the best browsing experience. They have also added the option to eliminate the cookie and privacy dialogues.

You can personalize your news feed

The browser is powered by an AI news engine, so the rebooted news feed lets you swipe through personalized news channels in the browser, save stories for later or subscribe to your favorite topics.

The crypto-wallet

Opera is the first browser that has come with this idea – it gives you access to Web 3 content and apps. You won’t need any kind of extension or any additional app. You can directly pay for your things with your crypto wallet, or make wallet-to-wallet money transactions – it’s all safe.

Night mode

Night mode gives you adjustable lightning to give you the best reading experience in the dark. You can get to it from Settings.

Manage your passwords

Choose to save your passwords on every site, because it’s a very safe browser. Also, you can autofill your payment information for online shopping, without worrying that someone will steal your data.

You can choose private browsing

You can choose incognito tabs and surf the internet everywhere, without leaving marks on your device. You can switch very easy between private and normal browsing.

What’s new?

You get now easy to access to page-specific security information and even site settings. They’ve also added Chromium 70 and improvements regarding the download dialog.

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