Tim Draper Says His Latest Investment Could Bring Bitcoin Lightning Payments To Amazon, Tesla, Starbucks, And More

Everyone knows that Tim Draper is a man of bold bets and predictions regarding the future of Bitcoin and crypto.

The billionaire’s most recent statement is that his investment could bring the Bitcoin Lighting payments to Starbucks, Tesla, Amazon, real estate and more.

Draper invested in OpenNode

Draper has just invested in OpenNode, and this is the investment that he was referring at.

This is a Bitcoin payment processor that’s created in order to give companies an easier way to integrate Bitcoin payments into businesses.

OpenNode said that their platform represents the easiest way for businesses and people to accept Bitcoin on-chain and via the Lightning Network (LN). The LN is a scaling solution that’s designed to make BTC a viable payment option at stores shops so that people can enjoy daily use cases.

The platform automatically converts Bitcoin to local currencies at the point of sale to avoid price volatility.

“Anyone trying to monetize an idea should give us a try. You can plug OpenNode directly into your business with either our e-commerce plugins or our simple API within minutes, risk-free.”

Coinbase is a strong competitor for OpenNode

The company said that it would be focusing on boosting Bitcoin adoption, making sure that the platform is legally compliant as well.

OpenNode is not the only one in the space, and the main competitor can be considered Coinbase. They launched a new plugin back in August called Coinbase Commerce which was created to give millions of websites the opportunity to accept crypto.

The plugin is designed to work with the popular web store platform WooCommerce.

“For merchants using WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the web, it’s now easier than ever to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

OpenNode will also target the micropayments sector in order to stimulate innovative forms of revenue.

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