Ivacy VPN – The Best Netflix VPN

Netflix’s library for movies and TV shows differs from region to region. Netflix does not happen to be the only one. Hulu, Amazon, and many other streaming services impose the same restrictions on their users. However, since Netflix is one of the biggest of all the streaming services and since it has the best catalog of content that you want to watch, it becomes all the more important to figure out how to beat this ban.

It is quite simple when it comes to unblocking Netflix’s regional restrictions, since all you need to do then is to, use the best Netflix VPN! It can effectively dupe the Netflix’s systems into considering that the traffic is coming from a different place than the actual location.

Here is why!

Multiple Protocols:

Netflix’s systems are the best and one of the most robust VPN detection systems, that ensure the prevention of such bypassing attempts! Ivacy’s robust protocols makes it difficult for such VOD streaming services to detect its presence, giving you unhindered access to Netflix’s georestricted content. Ivacy happens to be one of the few VPNs that has managed to stay ahead of Netflix and thus will enable you to different region’s Netflix content!

Award Winning VPN:

Ivacy, has won the Fastest VPN award granted by the top VPN review website – BestVPN.com! This is particularly important since you need good speeds when streaming Netflix or any other streaming service. The blazing fast speeds offered by Ivacy set it apart from the rest of the competition and you won’t come across such speeds with any other VPN!

Heavily Endorsed:

Ivacy remains to be the only VPN that has been endorsed by all the major players when it comes to the cybersecurity world. This includes PcWorld, comparitech, Trustpilot, thevpnlab and vpnmentor. This makes Ivacy VPN all the more reliable and trustworthy.

High Number of Servers:

Ivacy has more than 1000 servers located in more than 100 countries. This enables you to select the best performing server and ensures that the VPN service never goes down. Ivacy allows server switching unlike many other VPNs too.

Pricing and Packages:

Ivacy offers the best prices and packages to accommodate users of all economic backgrounds. Following are some of the plans on offer currently:

  • 1 Month: $ 9.95
  • 2 Years: $2.25
  • 1 Year: $3.33/month

What’s even better is that, all of Ivacy’s main features remain the same no matter which package you chose to go for.

Ivacy also offers a 30 day money back guarantee with no strings attached, in case you are not satisfied. Moreover, there is a 7-day trial available for which you won’t be charged a single penny. This means that you don’t risk losing any money if you want to try out Ivacy to see what it’s about!

Still Not Convinced that Ivacy is the best Netflix VPN?

If you are still not convinced about Ivacy’s efficacy in unblocking Netflix for you, perhaps you should know that multiple industry experts have repeatedly tested and certified that Ivacy works seamlessly with Netflix. The fact that Ivacy is the oldest standing player in the market should also remove your doubts and you can just jump right ahead to Buy VPN!

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