4 Tron dApps You Have To Try In 2019

DappRadar is one of the best tools that display data about decentralized apps.

The dApps are grouped there in various categories, and they’re ranked based on a number of key metrics and analytics.

DappRadar ranks Tron, Ethereum and EOS dApps. Here are the best dApps running on the Tron network, as noted by CryptoDaily.


On the TRONBet platform, there are a few games where users will have to own a TronLink wallet with TRX tokens. They have to be able to specify the number of TRX that they want to bet.

TRONbet is a really popular and successful platform that Tron has.


This is a gaming platform that has dice and racing games. The platform has gaming and mining modes, and it’s said to be the “the first shareholder+FOMO double dividend blockchain games.”

CryptoDaily explains that “The gaming platform has got its own native token with the ticker, CFT. Players can use this cryptocurrency to bet on games players can pledge their CFT to gain shareholder dividends.”


This is an online casino that includes a few games such as SkyRocket, Roulette, DragonTiger and more. Players will have to own a positive balance of TRX that they will be using for their bets.

Epic Dragons

This is the last platform mentioned by CryptoDaily. The game puts you against dragons, and the most exciting things about this game include character development, real-time strategy, investment simulation and more.

The online magazine writes that “There are two gaming modes including exploring and battling. The battling stage required players to pick their own team to face the dragon and contribution credit in return.”

If players slay the dragon, the team members will be rewarded according to their contribution.

Tron was in the spotlight recently, after the public sale of the BitTorrent Token (BTT) took place more than a week ago on Binance Launchpad, in the past week, BTT has gone up by 569%, reports CryptoGlobe.

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