Tron’s Justin Sun Becomes A Hero After Donating To Charity And Helping Crypto Exchange Quadriga CX’s Victim

Canada’s largest crypto exchange Quadriga CX has been dealing with a massive tragedy lately. CEO Gerald Gotten died the past December; the exchange was not able to access the password or recovery key, reports The Guardian.

“About $190m in cryptocurrency has been locked away in an online black hole after the founder of a currency exchange died, apparently taking his encrypted access to their money with him,” the online publication writes.

Investors in the exchange were not able to access their funds. Even if the man’s wife has access to his laptop, she reportedly doesn’t have the necessary passwords.

Former BitTorrent employee, a victim

A former BitTorrent employee, Tong Zhou was among the people that remained without their funds. The terrible thing is that he had invested all of his life’s savings in the exchange: $422.000. He lost everything.

Justin Sun heard about the man’s story and was quick to show his support by offering him a job at BitTorrent once again.

The Tron community was proud of their leader and of his decision.

Justin Sun offers $250k for an impressive cause

This came right before Sun also donated $250k to a charitable health-related cause. Here’s his tweet below:

Again, needless to say, the community was beyond excited.

Someone said “This is a great cause to help support to find a cure for ALS.  A $250K donation will be a tremendous help to the ALS foundation.  I hope other projects will join to donate money to this cause soon.”

Another person was impressed and posted this: “Thank you @justinsuntron for this kind gesture. I lost my grandmother to ALS, so this means a lot. Let’s help spread awareness and find a cure!! I and @Crypto_Wolf1 will be looking to donate #trx raised by @EMS_token to help as well. ? God bless.”

One other fan wrote “Exactly. Justin is a good person. He will do great things for the community!!!! Love this type of stuff!”

As you can see, Sun is a loved man among the Tron community and more.

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