Craig Wright Claims He’s Satoshi Nakamoto But Reportedly Brings False Evidence

Craig Wright, the founder of NChain and the leader of Bitcoin Cash SV movement, has been a genuinely controversial figure in the crypto space.

This is due to the fact that he claimed that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto – the famous inventor of Bitcoin.

He made a claim a lot of years ago, but now new evidence suggests that he’s not the man, according to Cryptopotato’s recent article.

The crypto magazine addressed the subject and wrote that in order to prove that he’s the one and only Satoshi, Wright released an abstract of a research paper that’s called “Black Net” that he allegedly wrote for the Australian Government back in 2001.

This abstract is identical to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper that has been published back in October 2008.

If you compare the two works, there are some corrections in the one of Wright, and the magazine presents proof from Reddit to show this.

Why would Wright claim this?

Cryptopotato also analyzes the potential reasons for which the man could claim all of this.

“This seems to prove that Craig Wright published fake evidence in an attempt to establish his legitimacy as the real Satoshi. The reasons for wanting to claim to be Satoshi are obvious -fame and respect from all members of the crypto space and technology industry at large,” they wrote.

The magazine also noted that Wright only released the new evidence on February 10th.

They said that if he were indeed Satoshi then why would he have waited for so long to release more evidence? Things don’t add up, says the online magazine.

The publication’s answer is the following: “The most likely reason was to pump the price of BCH-SV, which he now owns a substantial amount of and is on a mission to prove that BCH-SV will not only be more dominant than BCH-ABC but also more dominant than Bitcoin.”

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