The Surging Bitcoin Volume Is A Catalyst For A “Raging Bull Market”

Technical analyst, The Crypto Dog, brings pretty exciting news for the crypto enthusiasts.

He revealed to his 115,000 Twitter followers that if Bitcoin‘s surging volume is a legit one and if it’s also sustainable, then we’re looking at something huge that’s just around the corner.

He said that in this case, we should be bracing ourselves for a “raging bull market”.

According to the technical analysts, BTC has a strong potential to break through $4,000, and there’s also some renewed optimism on the short term for XRP and Ethereum as well.

Below, you can see The Crypto Dog’s tweet.

In the comments section, people are both optimistic and believe that what The Crypto Dog says is completely true, and others have their doubts. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Optimistic predictions regarding BTC’s price

It’s true that crypto experts have already said that 2019 will be a better year for crypto in terms of pricing but also considering the mass adoption fo digital assets.

We have to admit that so far, things have been going pretty great in the crypto space.

This also triggered tons of positive predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin.

For instance, Cyrptopotato online publication mentions a new historical report that suggests the fact that BTC’s price can hit $102,000.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also believes that we’re looking at a “massive acceleration” that’s on the horizon.

“I think there’s a massive acceleration that is going to happen within the next ten years because the generation growing up only knowing these technologies exist – pairing AI with blockchain, and being able to have this amazingly accessible environment to program in,” he said as reported by The Daily Hodl.

Justin Sun has also recently stated that BTC has already hit a bottom and from now on things will change for the better.

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