Bitcoin Is The Future, Gemini’s Winklevoss Billionaire Twins Say

After the bearish 2018 which held the crypto market down during the whole year and smashed Bitcoin (BTC)’s price towards the end of the year, one might think that people are losing faith in BTC and crypto.

But things could not be more different.

Bullish BTC predictions

There have been tons of BTC and crypto-related predictions this year in terms of price and mass adoption and most of them are optimistic. Some of them are even out of this world, or far-fetched to say the least.

Tron’s founder Justin Sun agrees that Bitcoin (BTC) has already hit a bottom and this means that the crypto market is on its way to recovery and we can finally wave goodbye to the 2018 bears and leave them in the past.

Bitcoin and crypto-related predictions are flooding 2019 and, surprisingly or not, they are pretty bullish.

For instance, Cyrptopotato online publication mentions a new historical report that suggests the fact that BTC’s price can hit $102,000.

Also, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey believes that we’re looking at a “massive acceleration” that’s on the horizon.

Winklevoss twins reassure people about BTC’s future

The Winklevoss twins are two Bitcoin billionaires and also the founders of Gemini Trust. During a recent conference in Texas, they addressed the issue of crypto wallet protection and regulations as well, Smartereum reports.

They also talked about BTC-related attacks and the latest tragedy is the one involving the Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX.

Regarding these security issues, Cameron Winklevoss said:

“There are a lot of carcasses on the road of crypto that we’ve seen and learned from. At the end of the day, it’s really a trust problem. You need some kind of regulation to promote positive outcomes. With a crypto address and a smartphone, all of a sudden you are in the system. We are really just trying to extend the financial system so that you can send dollars anywhere in the world.”

The conclusion is that they still believe in the potential of Bitcoin.

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