Justin Sun Announces A $20 Million Free Cash Airdrop And A Tesla Giveaway

Tron’s founder and CEO has been proudly making various announcements these days.

Of course, all of them are brand new achievements of Tron and BitTorrent, so the Tron community has been getting nothing but good news this week.

Sun recently said that the display for the demo launch of BitTorrent (BTT) is terrific.

BitTorrent is powered by the Tron blockchain technology. BitTorrent works with maximum efficiency and speed.

Tron’s CEO also said that the BitTorrent (BTT) demo shows the perfect decentralization.

This was definitely a huge milestone that the Tron project hit this year and it only highlights the great investment that Sun had made when he decided to buy BitTorrent back in 2018.

Justin Sun celebrates the latest success

These days, Justin Sun’s Twitter account has been nothing else than a huge celebration, and it poured with great announcements.

In order to celebrate the massive achievement of BitTorrent, Sun recently announced a $20 million free cash airdrop that also includes a Tesla for one follower.

He’s also happy about the addition of USDT on Tron which took place not too long ago.

Sun joked on Twitter with his followers and said that his account was not hacked when the announcement was made, just to make sure that everyone takes him seriously.

Sun said that the “earlier tweet wasn’t a hack” and a “Tesla will be on its way to a lucky winner,” though he did not mention which model it will be.

“To celebrate #BTT & #USDT-#TRON success, I am planning a $20m free cash airdrop. Good news-it’s coming, bad news-I may decide to give away more! First, I will randomly pick 1 winner for a #Tesla up until 3/27! To apply, follow me and RT this tweet! Simple! #Blockchain,” Sun wrote on his Twitter account.

Sun’s followers were really excited and praised his initiative.

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