Tron Price Prediction – Can TRX Surge By 250% This Year? Potential Price Triggers

2019 is full of crypto price predictions and now it’s time for Tron (TRX) to enter the arena.

Most of the latest crypto-related predictions that have been made in the crypto space seem to be very optimistic, and by the look of things, TRX appears to be no exception.

Smartereum, the online publication which is popular for its predictions has written not too long ago that TRX might hit $12 by the end of 2019.

Potential catalysts for a price surge

Tron has been enjoying a lot of achievements this year, and one of them is the fact that it bagged quite a few essential partnerships.

More than that, Tron also revealed some pretty important upgrades such as the BitTorrent protocol.

Also, it’s definitely worth noting that BitTorrent Live is the latest offering from BitTorrent and this new social media streaming platform has a Snapchat-like interface, and it provides users the opportunity to share video content.

Smartereum asks whether, considering all these achievements, it is possible for TRX to surge by 250%.

The online publication also mentions the fact that Tron has been added toCoinGate which enables users to pay for services and products using TRX. It’s not too far-fetched to say that this has definitely enhanced Tron’s use cases, even more, enhancing the coin’s adoption.

We already reported that 2019 is supposed to be the year which marks crypto mass adoption and TRX is taking the right steps to achieve this goal.

Another important partnership worth mentioning if definitely the one with Tether.

More than this, Tron’s plans are quite big, and Justin Sun has already announced the implementation of ZK-SNARKS to the Tron protocol.

This is a privacy tech which has initially been implemented by ZCash. Tron enthusiasts are waiting for this move.

All of the above and more are seen as potential catalysts for a surge in price for TRX.

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