The Bulls Are Here: Bitcoin (BTC) Surged By 15% In 2 Hours, Binance Coin (BNB) Poised To Surge By 100 Times

The bulls are finally here are all the coins are rallying like crazy. Bitcoin managed to reach $5,106 on Bitfinex in just two hours, and the excitement keeps surging as well. This was a new all-time high for 2019.

Crypto enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed for XRP, and other coins.

Binance Coin posied to surge by 100 times

BNB is currently priced at $18.94, and it’s up by 9.16%. This is a coin that managed to attract increased interest even since its very launch, and it’s been performing great so far.

ZyCrypto is here with some pretty exciting news and predictions coming from an individual who goes by the name The Don on Twitter.

BNB, the Amazon of crypto

The Don posted on Twitter that BNB could very well be the Amazon of cryptos.

More than that, he also said that the coin could increase by 100 times sooner rather than later. And considering the fact that the bulls are here, who knows what might happen.

The man’s tweet also triggered a lot of reactions from Twitter users and also from the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao.

Here’s a user’s opinion: “I don’t know about $BNB fundamentals or legitimate use cases at this point. But when the crypto hype fires up again, there’s going to be a massive push behind this one. 100x seems crazy, yet plausible at the top of the next tulip bubble.”

A lot of voices in the crypto space have been saying that 2019 will be a bullish year and a lot of factors will trigger an increase in prices and also mass adoption of crypto.

While there have been a lot of movements made in the crypto space that have been definitely supporting adoption of digital assets, it seems that the bulls have finally decided to come rushing as well.

Check out the screenshot above to see how the market looks at the time of writing the article.

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