Crypto Market Ads Reveals Innovative Marketplace Focused On Crypto And Blockchain For Advertising And Marketing Needs 

The crypto advertising and marketing industry has been expanding at quite a rapid pace. According to the latest reports, in comparison with 2017, ICO and IEO’s advertising and marketing volume rose by four times by 2018, in only just a year.

There are various problems with advertising and marketing, and thankfully, now, there also seems to be a solution that can fix most of these issues.

Crypto Market Ads brings a new marketplace that can solve the problems in an instant by connecting publishers and advertisers in the industry on a platform that’s specially created to fit their needs.

Publishers will be able to take part in this for free, and the market environment will allow them to engage in the competition which will also enable competitive prices. This obviously leads to lower, more affordable costs.

Crypto Market Ads plans to revolutionize the market

The company plans to create the best solutions to advertise around the blockchain universe. They plan to change the manner in which vendors allocate products and services by creating a genuinely global P2P ecosystem.

Crypto Market Ads also plans to offer interactive online tools such as a decentralized visual marketplace builder that comes with the most intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It’s also important to mention that there will be an ICO for the marketplace to ensure the success of all stakeholders, early adopters, and involved parts.

According to the official announcement “The first 999 people to contribute at least 3+ ETH in Private Sale will have a lifetime 0% fees on the Crypto Market Ads marketplace along with a Founder badge.”

Main features of Crypto Market Ads

Here are the three main benefits of Crypto Market Ads:

  • Promote or offer marketing services
  • Provide consulting services
  • Buy/Sell services related to existing or new crypto/blockchain projects

Crypto Market Ads is opening the door to the actors of the sector in order to provide them with their ads and marketing services. All service providers will be located in a single place and at competitive and rational market prices.

The main focus will be generating value for all parties involved.

Currently, the total market size is around $5 billion, and the figure is expected to grow in the following years. It is expected to exceed $54 billion by 2021

Addressing the issues of the market

This fast-growing market is dealing with a lot of problems as we already said. The most stringent one is the banning of crypto ads. This usually leads to companies and publishers charging up to ten times more than other comparable niches.

There’s also a need for a platform to exchange large volumes of ads and marketing purchase orders. This is another goal that Crypto Market Ads has set.

Overall, they plan to bring advertisers and publishers together on an open democratic market platform. Versatility is another benefit that will be offered.

This solution will also allow experts to become fully autonomous instead of relying on large companies. They will also be accepted with open arms experts who are jumping in and decide to be a part of this revolutionary global transformation.

We recommend that you read more details in the whitepaper.

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