NODIS is Helping Social Network Influencers Get More Money and Brands Get More Advertisements

NODIS is a new gamified platform that is designed for online marketing and influencers. This platform hopes to help local businesses get a better online presence so that they can be noticed by customers and increase their in-store traffic while making themselves stand out from their competition. NODIS offers a new way of solving social network problems through the “Challenge Program”.  This is a fun program where all participants are encouraged to do things such as taking a selfie in front of a local store and then posting it on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram for example.

NODIS Tokens

Once the challenge picture is submitted, the approved participants will be rewarded NODIS tokens. These are special tokens which can be exclusively purchased by GAS token from the NEO blockchain during a time-limited 2 sales phases. As you can probably tell from the name of the tokens, they are native to NODIS and the reason why they are important is that they can be redeemed in exchange for vouchers of products and services that are available on

Working with Social Network Influencers

As we all know, the popularity of Instagram has made it possible for popular users to become “online models” and make lots of money. Agencies and brands from all over the world are teaming up with social network influencers in order to promote their products and this marketing strategy works. This is why NODIS is offering a tailored environment backed by the NEO blockchain where influencers can earn more money by being rewarded for posting content and getting reviews.

Supply Limit

We also want to mention that there is a limited supply of NODIS tokens. The supply is 100 million and 20 million are going to be available for the initial sale. NODIS investors can purchase only 20% of the total amount and the rest is available in the distribution to issuers and members of the NODIS platform.

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