Exchange Implements Monero’s Sub-Addresses For Enhanced Privacy And Anonymity is a crypto exchange launched back in 2017 that does not require registering an account. The main focus of the exchange has been on privacy, speed, and ease of use.

The exchange kept all its promises made when it was created and managed to become the fastest, safest and most private way of exchanging crypto into the wallet.

The exchange has more than 30 digital assets, and it just included the latest implementation of Monero’s sub-addresses. This is another layer of privacy besides the ones that Monero already has.

The exchange has been created with the aim of respecting the privacy of transactions, and XMR’s recently implemented sub-addresses allows the use of this exchange with even fewer parameters that have to be introduced.

There’s been included an additional layer of anonymity to the transactions with XMR.

The Monero ecosystem is changing

The Monero community has proposed removing support for sending independent payment ID transactions in most wallets by April.

It also proposed eliminating support for sending payment ID transactions in the consensus layer by October.

Now, payment processors and exchange should be also updated in order to support Monero’s sub-addresses. just did this and the move brings a lot of benefits for users such as increased privacy and anonymity. From now on, the Monero wallets will not be linked by observing transactions.

The implementation boosts Monero adoption

This new implementation will definitely make the use and adoption of Monero easier, and it’s basically boosting the whole Monero network and its applications. provides a service which is both powerful and user-friendly. Users don’t require knowledge in cryptography, programming or other specialties, and the exchange offers a complete service of exchange without account or records.

The Monero consensus step makes operations easier for all parties involved and the overall users and traders ‘experience will be improved.

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