Benefits of Pen Testing to Online Retailers

The internet is great. How did we ever manage without it? Here I am writing this piece, knowing that anyone around the world could read it. Just think about that for a second – amazing, right?

We place so much value on technology to help us in our day to day lives – connecting with friends and family, shopping, ’Googling’ to find out about almost anything… you could write a book about what you can do on the internet.

The Dangers of Online Security

But – and I suppose you knew a ‘but’ was coming – naturally, there are major downsides to the internet; without the right security in place, there are very real dangers to be wary of. And you are even more at risk if you run an online business.

Here are two of the main online security risks

Stolen Data

Unfortunately, people are out there actively looking to exploit personal information. And where’s a great place to find lots of personal information? Businesses’ e-commerce websites can hold thousands of peoples’ details; by hacking a website using Spyware, hackers may be able to find customers’ credit card details, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses – and any other details filled in when registering or placing an order. The main risk associated with Stolen Data is Credit Card fraud, the results of which can bring negative publicity to your business.

Malicious code

Hackers can write coding to create weaknesses in your system, potentially giving them access to your company details, databases and bank accounts. The code can also be used to install spyware, and even wipe data from your system. Can you imagine the potential impact this could have on your business?

Therefore business owners and managers hold the responsibility to take adequate precautions to make their websites and networks secure; the potential impact of hacking extends to both your business and its customers.

These days there’s lots of assistance and tools available to help you to build, manage and drive traffic to a website. However, it’s less easy to understand how to monitor your e-commerce site’s level of security. Thankfully, there is an easy way to monitor and maintain your website’s online security – Pen Testing.

So What is Pen Testing?

Penetration ‘pen’ testing is an industry recognized professional service that identifies and quantifies online at computer network risks. Used effectively, it can identify weaknesses and help you to understand how you can take steps to overcome them.

Pen Testing simulates a hack on your website, app or network. The service offers strategic guidance to clients, making recommendations on their technology and networks. It can put your business and its technology in a strong position.

The great news? Once you have found a great pen testing service you don’t need to do a thing. You can leave it to the professionals to get to work on ‘hacking’ your system and finding its flaws. The best pen testers keep ahead of the game, identifying hacking trends and techniques before they even happen. This means your business can continue – secure, safe and uninterrupted.

How Could Your Business Benefit from Pen Testing?

  1. Peace of Mind: Using a pen testing service ensures you know your website is as secure as it needs to be. If it isn’t, you’ll be advised how to avoid security threats.
  2. Beat the Hackers at their Own Game: Regularly running tests ensure you keep ahead of the hackers. A good pen testing service provider is up to speed with the latest hacking methods, and how vulnerabilities may be exploited. Hackers are constantly developing new techniques, so you need to make sure regular checks continue to be made.
  3. Avoid Bouncers: The 21st Century Internet User is Savvy. They are able to identify an insecure website, and will most likely avoid buying from a website they see as showing potential security flaws, even if the product is more expensive elsewhere. Good website security can help improve your click-through rate.
  4. Protect Your Assets: Your business is important to you; why would you put all your hard work at risk because of failing to take a few simple steps to protect it?

Develop a Strong Reputation: “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, said P T Barnum. Actually, there definitely is. Whilst larger businesses may be able to bounce back from a negative news story and financial hit, younger, smaller businesses may struggle to recover. By maintaining online security, you’re giving your customers confidence and developing a strong reputation.

So, Pen Testing is a great way to ensure your business and its customers are well protected from the negative forces on the web. It can avoid both financial damages to your business and sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Hackers can undo lots of your handwork in just a few minutes. Therefore, you need to ensure the hard work you do is well protected; you could think of Pen Testing as ‘backing up’ data on a hard drive. To a certain extent, similar principle lays in the basis of Blockchain solutions – known for their utter security and transparency.

One thing is for sure – nobody’s business ever suffered from having strong website security – make it a priority today!

Have you ever been the victim of a hack? Tell us your story below!

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