10 Key Strategies to Implement to Maximize Phone Calls Conversions from Your Landing page

How Important Are Calls in Digital Marketing?

According to a recent marketing analysis of 17 million phone calls, calls and digital marketing are quite closely linked. Experts in marketing around the world use calls to build relationships with clients.

Statistically people place calls when they:

  • Would like to make a purchase (61%);
  • Need personal assistance (75%);
  • Use mobile search (51%).

Calls are highly efficient, and about 30% to 50% of them are converted into purchases, whilst the average purchase price over phone turns out to be 30% to 80% higher than for goods and services bought online.

Customers would like to be sure that the process runs without any problem when they make valuable purchases, being the reason of such a significant difference in price. This is why people prefer to get to talk to a company’s representative. That factor is the most significant reason for businesses to attract customers through calls and not through other communication channels.

Industries where buyers need certain advice from a company’s representative before making a purchase clearly show this difference in the average price. Particularly, it works for the following businesses: car and health insurance, financial, home services, educational, automotive, software and services for enterprise customers.

What Is the Best Solution in Call Generation?

The best solution for getting calls is a carefully elaborated landing page with properly adjusted and targeted ads. Generally, landing pages are used for reaching a wide range of objectives: increasing the amount of sales through the cart, gathering email leads, and other. However, we would like to pay attention to receiving the maximum amount of calls from every 100 visitors to your sales department.

So, let’s assume the main goal of your web marketing campaign is attracting calls from potential buyers to the sales department. You’ve created a landing page, adjusted the ads, and received hundreds of visitors, but the conversion is still too low.

And here’s the question. Why are the figures so low?

Firstly, the conversion depends on how well your traffic suits your products and how well you present your Call-to-Action (CTA).

CTA is a desired outcome of your website visitors on your web page. In our case, the CTA means a phone call. The message of the CTA is crucial. Simply by replacing the text in the CTA, the conversion of your landing page can grow by several times.

Below you can see the ten best tactics that will help you significantly increase the call conversion rate on your landing page. You will get phenomenal results and receive up to five times more calls without increasing your spending on ads just by using the following tips.

Let’s go!

1. Use Powerful Verbs at the Beginning of Your CTA

Potential customers enter your website to find the solution to their problem. When people see highlighted text that starts with a powerful verb, they will unconsciously be willing to make a call.

Start the CTA with the following words:

For services: get, call, contact;
For e-commerce: buy, shop, order;
Would you like to ask your clients for further details? Try «find out how…»


CTA should vividly demonstrate how customers can get the desired solution to their problem. That’s why you need to fill your CTA with drive and vibrancy to make it work.

2. Give a Reason to the Action

What would people get for performing the action? Will they become richer, more successful, or healthier? Website visitors must experience all potential benefits of the call that they haven’t made yet. Moreover, if you unconsciously balance the benefits and potential risks (such as spent time and money), the balance must definitely shift in favor of your offer.

A powerful CTA, which improves the conversion rate, is based on your unique value proposition or unique selling point (USP). The more unique your offer and the more considerable the benefits are, granting that the risks are low, the higher the conversion rate of your website will be. If you fit your CTA with the right USP, the impact will be a lot more powerful.

If your product is not unique, you will still be able to create a good USP by giving away something for free. This technique is obvious; still, marketing professionals often forget about it when they create the CTA.


It isn’t enough to indicate that customers need to take action (call today). You need to provide them with a reason why they should do it (for example, a free consultation).

Also, address customers in a personal way and use words like «you» and «me». It is a proof that your business is reliable and a way to show that you care.

3. Be Urgent!

That’s one of the most efficient tactics for creating a successful CTA. Fear of loss is a incredibly powerful driving force to make people act. The most common use of fear of loss is a clearance sale or a time-limited offer.


You will not ignore a message like that if you need the product.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

It is important to keep your CTA up-to-date as well as all texts in your advertising campaign.

Try to have a look at the process of the customer acquisition from a new angle; make it more vivid and dynamic. Most people live a disempowered life, and your CTA may serve as a breath of fresh air for them. So, you can be sure that they will come to your company again in future.

Instead of: Call today for more information

If you are looking for inspiration, you can find more creative examples of CTAs in this article by Elisa Gabbert.

5. Use Only One CTA per Page

A page may have only one marketing goal. We understand the goal as a certain action of the user described in the CTA. By adding another CTA, you will make the client bound to choose between them. That creates tension, and visitors might simply leave your website.

Naturally, a landing page may feature not only CTAs but links to other pages or websites, too. Make sure that the biggest part of the customers’ attention is focused on the CTA.

Don’t make your landing page look like a crowded street with a ton of ads.

6. Size Matters

If a certain page element is bigger than others, customers’ attention will definitely be attracted to it. Remember that you need your clients to focus on the CTA. That’s exactly why the heading and the CTA should be big.

However, you will need to apply this rule carefully because the CTA should be big enough but not too big to overpower the rest of the content.

7. Place the CTA in the Bottom Right Corner

According to this study from the Nielsen Group, all across articles, e-commerce sites, and search engine results, people almost always browse in an F-shaped pattern. In other words, they start from the top left corner, then they go right, go down and right again, and then go down.

Particularly, that means that you should place images at the left of the page, the heading must be located on top, and the CTA needs to be placed on the bottom right side of the page. This page composition is equal to the way we look at things in real life and it will seem convenient and more understandable to the client.

The picture shows you the heat map based on the trajectory of the customer’s look.

In this example the CTA will catch the client’s attention exactly after reviewing of the basic information on the page.

The best location for the CTA is an area where the client would want to start interacting with your company. This is why the optimal location for the CTA may depend on the business field. For example, it may be located even at the bottom of a long page with articles or descriptive texts.

However, you will be able to find out the best position for the CTA on your landing page only after performing a couple of A/B tests. But the bottom right hand corner is the perfect place to begin since the chances of receiving the highest conversion rate are at their max.

8. The Right Visualization

CTA is the first thing that clients should see the moment they enter the website. The goal of the website is to make the customer willing to place a call. The success of your marketing campaign will depend on how much effort you make to let customers achieve the desired outcome.

You should use contrast colors in the CTA box. Bright and colorful website elements are a perfect way to channel the client’s attention to the necessary place.

And it isn’t obligatory to use branded colors for the CTA. Obviously, you will use colors from the brand book for page content, but it is better to use a separate color for the CTA.

You can find a wide variety of color sets online. Use them to look for the optimal combination of the background color, text color, and CTA color.

Usually, I use Adobe Color CC for color selection. It’s free and can be used online.

Also, you should make use of the empty space on your website for attracting the client’s attention. Do not overload the page with unnecessary texts, feature lists, or images. That can change customers’ behavior and lead them astray.

9. Power of the Iteration Measurement and Call Tracking

The tips above can help you significantly improve the conversion rate of your website in only a few days, but a great potential hides in the most obvious thing: continuous tests and further comparison analysis.

There are a lot of consistent patterns in web marketing, but every case is peculiar. It is necessary to test different texts for the CTA, design, and other details using the good old А/В testing method. For example, you can check out how they do it at Basecamp.

However, you should monitor the page conversion into calls since the main objective of your ad campaign is to receive calls. It is also important to analyze the effectiveness of various advertising sources because the page conversion doesn’t always depend on the landing page, but also on how well the advertising campaign has been adjusted.

It is necessary to perform end-to-end analytics from the first click until the call—or even a purchase—using call-tracking systems. If you have not yet with integrated the call tracking system into your business, it is the perfect time to do it!

You can compare call-tracking systems in this rating by TopSeos or rely on our suggestion and give a try to DCDial platform. The most important thing to remember when using call tracking systems is that it is just a tool. It will not increase your profit if you don’t experiment with different advertising channels, the landing page, and CTA.

10. Automated Callback in 25 Seconds Will Increase Your Conversion up to 5 times in only 5 Minutes!

We carried out hundreds of A/B tests on our clients’ websites to optimize the CTA and increase the conversion of calls. And we notice an enlightening regularity in the users’ behavior pattern while we tried various CTA versions in the callback form.

When we promised not to «call back» but to «call back in 25 seconds» the conversion grew up to 5 times!

It turns out that the quicker we promise to call clients back, the higher the possibility of them leaving a request gets. It is obvious that people are tired of phone menus, busy lines and other communication issues in small, medium and big companies. With the grow of the conversion rate companies’ reps don’t always get a chance to call back in 25 seconds.

Call back functionality increases websites’ conversion up to 10% to 500%, and the effect is immediate. The solution helps company show clients the highest standards of customer service. It delivers WOW to your potential clients who will not switch to your competitors, and your sales reps are likely to close more deals. A callback widget would add an efficient CTA with USP to the bottom right corner of your page. Website visitors will definitely notice the offer and will more likely submit a request for a callback from your sales department.


Your CTA should stay in the limelight on your website and provide significant benefits for potential clients.

The secret is simple. Provide your customers with a unique value, show great client service, and they will thank you back! Don’t miss this opportunity to be one step ahead of your competitors. Start improving your CTA and the whole landing page without putting it off.

If you are willing to increase the efficiency of your landing page quickly, remember to use the power of cloud call center functionality to the full. And then optimize the website content, color patterns and advertising campaigns using you chosen call tracking system.

What is your experience in increasing calls conversion rates? What are the most efficient methods that let you achieve good results quickly?

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